Chronic Primary Pain

Chronic Primary Pain is a new diagnosis in the ICD-11 classification for chronic pain that is intended to embrace a number of poorly understood conditions while avoiding obscure and potentially laden terms such as somatoform, nonspecific and functional

Many chronic pain conditions have an obscure aetiology and pathophysiology, but they are characterized by a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors

According to the World Health Organization, chronic pain affects an estimated 20% of the world's population, or 1.5 billion people. It is estimated that up to 50% of older adults experience chronic pain, and up to 10% of children and adolescents

Back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Up to 71%of individuals with acute back pain (ABP) do not fully recover after 1 year and individuals who have back pain persisting for greater than 12 weeks are considered to have chronic back pain (CBP). Back pain is deemed nonspecific in up to 95% of cases, which may contribute to uncertainty regarding the most effective treatment for each patient

Chronic primary pain is defined as pain in one or more anatomical regions that

    • persists or recurs for longer than 3 months
    • is associated with significant emotional distress (e.g., anxiety, anger, frustration, or depressed mood) and/or significant functional disability (interference in activities of daily life and participation in social roles)
    • the symptoms are not better accounted for by another diagnosis

The experience of chronic pain should be sufficiently concerning for the person to seek help for it

As in all conditions, before a diagnosis is made, it has to be ascertained whether another diagnosis better accounts for the chronic pain presentation, in which case, the diagnoses are the chronic secondary pain syndromes

Neuroplastic Pain is the same as Nociplastic Pain

Both are forms of Chronic Primary Pain

I have recovered from neuroplastic pain myself and developed The Pain Recovery Program and White River Manor Pain Recovery Program as a result.

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