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Patient privacy notice

  • This patient privacy notice explains how I, Dr Wayne Kampers, as the clinician responsible for your care and treatment, along with my Personal Assistant and other employees of Mind's Eye Psychiatric Solutions Limited, may collect data from you, and how that data/information may be used.
  • I make decisions about what information is collected about you, and I maintain my own set of electronic medical records in relation to the care and treatment that I provide to you as my patient.

Data controller

  • I am the data controller in respect of your personal information. I am duty bound, by law, to comply with the data protection legislation, and other relevant guidance, when handling your personal information.

Personal information

  • As a patient of mine, the personal information that I hold about you may include the following:
    • Name and date of birth
    • Contact details such as postal address, email address and telephone number(s)
    • Social media and other online identifiers
    • Financial information, i.e. the credit/debit card, or banking details, with which you pay me
    • Emergency contact details, i.e. next of kin
    • Consent to contact your next of kin, your GP and other relevant third parties
    • Private medical insurance details
    • Background referral details - as one of my patients, I will hold information relating to your medical treatment which is known as Special Categories Personal Information.
  • This is a special category of personal data under the law, meaning that it must be handled even more sensitively.
  • The special categories of personal information which I hold about you may include the following:
    • Details of current and previous physical and mental health information
    • Information about any treatment that you have received from other healthcare providers, i.e. GPs, dentists, NHS or private hospitals, any clinic or hospital visits and information about what medication you have been prescribed
    • Details of any services that you may have received from me
    • Details of your nationality, race and/or ethnicity
    • Details of your religion
    • Details of any genetic data or biometric data relating to you
    • Data concerning your sex life and/or sexual orientation.
  • On 25th May 2018, the Data Protection Act was replaced by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), together with a new Data Protection Act.
    • All uses of your information will comply with the GDPR and the new Data Protection Act from 25 May 2018.
    • The confidentiality of your medical information is important to me and I will make every effort to prevent unauthorised access to, and the use of, any information relating to your current or former physical and mental health.
    • The same applies to your personal information.
    • It is my duty to comply with UK data protection law, including the Data Protection Act 2018 and all applicable medical confidentiality guidelines relating to my practice issued by professional bodies including, but not limited to the General Medical Council (GMC).
  • How I collect information about you
    • I may either collect information directly from you, from NHS or private healthcare organisations, or from other third parties.
  • Information I collect directly from you may be when:
    • You enter into a contract with me or other healthcare organisations for the provision of healthcare services and you use those services
    • You contact me directly via phone, email, or letter
    • You submit an enquiry via my website www.drwaynekampers.co.uk
    • You contact me via a Social Media channel
  • Most patients under my care also receive treatment from other healthcare organisations and so I may collect personal information about you from them. This information may include:
    • Medical records from your GP
    • Medical records from other clinicians, including their secretaries
    • Medical records from your dentist
    • Medical records from the NHS and/or any private healthcare organisation
  • This information may include details of your previous diagnoses, clinic or hospital visits, and care and treatment delivered including the use of medication.
  • Information from other third parties may include:
    • Current or former employers
    • Benefit providers
    • Insurance policy providers
    • Next of kin and/or family members
    • Credit reference agencies
    • Debt collection agencies
    • Government agencies, including the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office and HMRC.
  • This is not an exhaustive list and may include other third parties not specifically detailed.
  • Communicating with you
    • There are various ways through which I, or my employees, may communicate with you.
    • These include telephone, SMS, email and post. If I contact you using the telephone number(s) which you have provided (landline and/or mobile), and you are not available which results in the call being directed to a voicemail/answering service, a brief voice message may be left on your voicemail/answering service as appropriate.
    • The information in the message will be limited and include only the relevant, basic details so you can identify who the call is from, what the call is regarding, and details of how to call back.
  • I may also communicate with you by SMS and/or unencrypted email. >>This is in order to provide you with documentation/information relevant to your consultations and ongoing healthcare.
  • If I need to provide you with sensitive clinical information, I may communicate with you by encrypted email.
    • Please note that, although providing your mobile number and email address and stating a preference to be communicated by a particular method will be taken as confirmation that you are happy for me to contact you via these channels, I am not relying on your consent to process your personal data in order to correspond with you about your treatment. Processing your personal data for these purposes is justified on the basis it is necessary to provide you with healthcare services.
  • The personal information that I collect and store about you allows me to:
    • Register you as my patient and, where necessary, carry out standard background and other regulatory checks
    • Provide you with healthcare and other relevant services
    • Invoice you or your family
  • Conduct local internal clinical audits
    • Communicate with you regarding any queries or complaints you may have
    • Communicate with any other third party that you request I update about your care
    • Comply with my legal and/or regulatory obligations and defending or exercising my legal rights
    • Manage my clinic operations.
  • I will not sell, share, or give information about you to third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Protection of your personal information
    • I have a series of technical and administrative measures in place to ensure that your personal information is protected.
    • Access is limited to myself and my employees who need access to your information in order to provide clinical services and care to you.
  • How long I keep your personal information for
    • Your personal information will be kept for as long as reasonably necessary, and in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations.
    • Please refer to the NHS National Standards Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care 2016
  • Your rights
  • The GDPR details your rights as follows:
    • The right to be informed
    • The right of access
    • The right to rectification
    • The right to erasure
    • The right to restrict processing
    • The right to data portability
    • The right to object
    • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling
    • The right to complain
  • National data opt-out programme
    • NHS Digital developed a national data-opt-out programme which was launched on 25 May 2018.
    • You can log your preferences regarding the sharing of your personal information.
    • Healthcare organisations are required to uphold your choices, but only from March 2020
    • In the meantime, you should make me aware of any uses of your data to which you object.
  • Updates to this privacy notice
    • This privacy notice may be updated from time to time to ensure that it remains accurate and up to date. In the event that these changes result in any material difference to the manner in which your personal data is processed by me, then I will I provide you with an updated copy of the Policy.

This privacy notice was last updated on 13/04/2024

If you have any questions or concerns about this patient privacy notice, or how I process your information, then please GetInTouch

You can correspond with me by post, to the following address:

Dr Wayne Kampers
Consultant Psychiatrist
10 Harley Street

Cancellation Policy

  • If you wish to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, you may do this by emailing Dr Kampers via contact@drwaynekampers.co.uk.
  • A missed appointment means a lost opportunity to offer someone else on Dr Kampers' waiting list an earlier appointment.

Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another patient access to that appointment time.

  • Dr Kampers therefore charges the full price of the consultation for any missed appointments and appointments cancelled less than specific times detailed as follows
  • For follow up appointment on a
    • Monday - latest cancellation time end of working day 5pm previous week Wednesday
    • Tuesday - latest cancellation time 5pm previous week Thursday
    • Wednesday latest cancellation time 48 hours before scheduled appointment
    • Thursday latest cancellation time 48 hours before scheduled appointment
  • This applies whether you are self-funding or with an insurance provider.
    • Please note that you are unlikely to be able to recover the cost of missed appointments or late cancellations from your insurance provider.
  • You will be liable for the full self- funding rate even if you are with an insurance provider.

Terms & Conditions
Dr Kampers' Terms and Conditions regarding his fees, prescriptions and his privacy and cancellation policies as detailed on his website: