• Dr Kampers now operates a paperless, digital prescription service for all private prescriptions (using a remote digital signature certificate, also known as a Qualified Cloud Signature, Certified by Adobe Sign, a Document Cloud solution, prod-eu-central-1-hsm2 EU Qualified Electronic Seal CA G2)
    • This is via an EU Qualified Electronic Signature that complies with the UK eIDAS Regulations requirements for qualified trust services eIDAS
    • Prescriptions are no longer posted to pharmacies that do not accept this service.
    • There are no paper copies posted to pharmacies
    • This excludes FP10 Scheduled drugs detailed below.
    • Please check with your local pharmacy that they are willing accept these prescriptions, without and hardcopy being posted
    • This does not apply to Class A, Class B and Class C drugs as detailed on ControlledDrugsandDrugDependenceRegulationandClassification
    • The Department of Health and the Scottish Government have issued a strong recommendation that the maximum quantity of Schedule 2, 3 or 4 Controlled Drugs prescribed should not exceed 30 days; exceptionally, to cover a justifiable clinical need and after consideration of any risk, a prescription can be issued for a longer period, but the reasons for the decision should be recorded on the patient's notes.
    • This will only apply if you are travelling for more than 30 days.
    • If not, then Dr Kampers uses ZenPharmacies
    • All Private Controlled Drug (CD) Prescriptions FP10 are sent to Zen Pharmacies
    • These are not issued electronically but are posted by recorded delivery.
    • Private Controlled Drug (CD) Prescriptions are issued on Private FP10 pink prescriptions and include ADHD medications, Codeine Phosphate, Dihydrocodeine, Ketamine, Cannabis Based Medicinal Products(CBMP), most benzodiazepines, Zaleplon, Zolpidem Tartrate, Zopiclone, Tramadol, Pregabalin and Gabapentin.
    • These are best prescribed by your NHS GP, otherwise you have to see Dr Kampers every month foe these prescriptions to be reissued, as Dr Kampers does not issue prescriptions for these medications outside of review appointments.
    • All private prescriptions will incur a prescription fee and a cost of medication fee.
    • Dr Kampers also uses e-Prescriptions through DGLPracticeManager, which is compliant with all GPhC, GDPR and e-Prescribing regulations.

NHS prescriptions

  • In some cases, it may be possible for your GP to take over the prescribing of your medication.
    • This will depend on the medication you are on, how long you have been taking it for, and whether your GP is willing to do so.

Shared Care Agreements (SCA)

  • A shared care agreement is used to facilitate the sharing of care and prescribing between NHS Specialists and NHS GPs
  • Dr Kampers does not enter into SCA with NHS GPs
  • Unless you are able to provide written confirmation from your NHS GP that they are willing to enter into a SCA with Dr Kampers, then you should not proceed with an ADHD Assessment by him.
  • Otherwise, you will need to self-fund medication and follow up reviews.

Repeat prescriptions

  • Prescriptions issued during a consultation will last you until your next follow-up appointment.
  • It is the patient's responsibility to ensure they fill the prescription as soon as it is issued so that it does not expire.
  • There will be a £100 fee for all reissue of expired prescriptions.
  • A request for a repeat prescription should not be a substitute for a consultation.
  • There is a £100 fee for prescriptions issued outside of appointments - during regular clinic hours and £200 outside of regular clinic hours (Emergency prescriptions).
  • Payment of the prescription fee is required before the prescription is issued.
    • Please avoid this situation as it is a costly process.

Medication side effects

  • DrugsandMedicationsAtoZ provides detailed and accurate information on over 24,000 prescription and over-the-counter medicines for both consumers and healthcare professionals.
    • It is every patient's personal responsibility to read the product monograph on any medication they are prescribed before they start taking their medication as it is impossible for Dr Kampers to list every side effect of every medication.
    • Dr Kampers will often recommend PrecisionMedicineGenetics, specifically PsychiatricPharmacogeneticTesting if you have a previous history of side effects with medication.

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