I had the privilege of recently spending some time with the Co-Founder and CEO of Suicide&Co, Amelia Wrighton , who is proactively addressing the stigma surrounding what is often considered to be a sensitive topic, namely suicide.

Having been through a traumatic suicide related bereavement herself, she shared the story of the loss of her mother when she was only 19 years old.

Her courage and resilience has led to the formation of her charity, Suicide&Co

Suicide&Co provide a unique balance of specialist knowledge of suicide awareness and tailored support for suicide related bereavement.

Having been through this experience, she's clearly an empowered woman with the ability to recognise and handle this topic and conversations around this topic authentically and sensitively.

The resources on her website Suicide&co are extensive and she has an ever-expanding group of 1:1 councillors for those bereaved by suicide.

As she details on her website Conversation is at the centre ofeverything we do, and we want to open up conversations for those bereaved by suicide, with professional counsellors

I am lookinf forward to supporting her at Suicide& Co's second Annual Fundraising Gala on the November 23, 2023, a black-tie evening of entertainment, fundraising, and good company at Church House, Westminster.

Details on her @suicideandco on Instagram

Thank you, Amelia, for all the inspiring work that you have done and continue to do in raising awareness around all aspects related to suicide.