Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a substance related disorder where you become physically and or psychologically addicted to legal (prescriptive medication) or illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin or cannabis.

People experiment with, or use drugs, for different reasons - curiosity, peer pressure, attempts to improve sports performance, or to relieve pain. And while not everyone will experience negative consequences, if your drug use has taken over your life, then you likely have an addiction problem. You may try to conceal your symptoms or downplay the impact of drugs on your life.

Drug addiction can arise from different factors, including addiction in the family, being male, having taken a highly addictive drug, or if you suffer from a mental health condition - such as depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It can wreak havoc on your life - your relationships, your work, and your finances - both short-term and long-term, and have a devastating impact on your health, leading to a plethora of psychological and physical issues.

Recognising drug abuse and addition: what are the signs and symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of drug addiction will vary depending on the type of drugs that you use. These may include:

  • The urge to use drugs regularly - daily or even several times a day
  • Becoming preoccupied with getting, and using, drugs
  • Developing a higher tolerance to drugs and needing to take more to get the same effect
  • Spending more money on drugs, even if you can't afford it
  • Engaging in illegal activities to fund your addiction, i.e. stealing
  • Neglecting responsibilities, such as work, school, family, because of drug use
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms - such sweating, shaking, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and insomnia - when you don't take drugs, or taking drugs to relieve these symptoms
  • Loss of control over your drug use - you feel powerless to stop
  • Feeling depressed, angry, disgusted, or suicidal, because of drug use

Treating drug abuse and addiction: what are the options available?

Recovery from drug addiction is a long process however, with the right support and treatment you can counteract the disruptive effects of your drug use and reclaim control of your life.

Approached to treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction, the type of drugs you have been taking, and any medical conditions you have.

There are a range of highly effective approaches, including detoxification and withdrawal, residential treatment programs, psychotherapy, counselling and support groups, as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes.

If you think you are suffering from drug abuse and addiction, please get in touch to arrange an assessment.