Earlier in my career as the medical director of a busy GP practice in Canada, I was often frustrated by the limitations of addressing mental health issues in ten-minute consultations. I wanted more time to listen to my patients, hear their stories, ask questions, and understand the context in which their symptoms arose before diagnosis and treatment. And thus began my journey to the UK, and into psychiatry.

I have been practising medicine for over 30 years, and as an Integrative Consultant Psychiatrist for the last 18 years.

I am a highly specialised and experienced doctor with a broad range of expertise and clinical skills in General Practice, Psychiatry, Pain Psychology and Mind Body Medicine.

To me, mental and physical wellbeing are equally important, and go hand in hand.

As an Integrative Consultant Psychiatrist, my approach is one that focuses on mind-body optimisation and assesses individuals as a whole and in context.

I am a mind-body and trauma informed expert clinician, who uses evidence-based approaches.

I help my patients by integrating traditional medical and psychiatric approaches, working with complementary healthcare practitioners registered with the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council. I encourage my patients to make a range of positive lifestyle changes. These include improvements to diet and nutrition, support with giving up smoking and losing weight, support with reducing stress, improving sleep, managing pain and other symptoms, as well as overall enhancements to wellbeing.

From patients with ADHD, anxiety spectrum conditions, mood disorders, chronic pain, stress, and trauma, to those battling addiction, or suffering early onset or established dementia, their road to recovery, or quality of life, has been hugely enhanced by my methods. Whilst medication may play a vital role, I prescribe it as part of a holistic treatment plan.

My special interest is in neuroplastic pain and Psychophysiologic Disorders. I am skilled in the diagnostic assessment of these conditions. I have recovered from neuroplastic pain myself and developed ThePainRecoveryProgram as a result.

Thanks to a career spanning three continents, patients can be assured of an approach that is international in outlook and sensitive to different cultures, expectations, and norms.